How to Make Steamed Rice

If you want to make perfect rice, you should definitely get a rice cooker. You can get a small one very inexpensively, but a big one is great, too. I have three rice cookers, and I use at least one every night for dinner. You can cook so many things besides rice in a rice cooker. Once you experience the ease of cooking in a rice cooker, you will be hooked!
Most Oriental restaurants and even Oriental homes have a rice cooker on most of the time with hot rice at their disposal. Rice cooker cooking is becoming somewhat of a fad, with a cult folowing. See my website for other rice cooker recipes.

I no longer buy the expensive instant rices. I use the store brand, medium grain rice, and it is delicious. I save a lot of money by flavoring my own rice. Most Hispanic cooks use a large bullion cube to flavor their rice. Knor brand is great. It is available in the Hispanic section of the grocery store. I put it in with the water.

I will give the amounts for a small rice cooker and a large rice cooker.

Rice: 1 cup, 2 cups

2 cups, 4 cups

Oil : A few tablespoons to cover the rice cooker pan

Add seasonings after it is cooked.

Place oil in pan. Roll it around to cover the sides a little. Place water and rice in the pot. Cover and turn rice cooker on high. It usually just takes one cycle to cook the rice. A rice cooker cooks by cooking on high and then reverting to sim.

I do not add any other foods to the rice until it is cooked. The exception to this is when I use a boxed meal with rice in it.

I often cook my chicken tenderloins on the rack above the rice while it cooks. It cooks very quickly that way. I use the small breast tenderloins because they cook more thoroughly than a large frozen breast.

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