Best Gaming Mouse 2017

On the 4th of May 2017 I will be doing this fantastic article on my search for the best gaming mouse of 2017. I have tried a lot of gaming mice and always come the conclusion that they lack some features or they are simply built with sub-par quality and end up breaking or having issues in the near future. For a list to find the best gaming mouse 2017 check here.

In my opinion the best gaming mouse is the: Corsair CH-9301011-NA Gaming Harpoon RGB

You simply cannot win a professional computer gaming competition with just your skills. You need to have the right equipment as well to ensure that you play your best during a contest. When you are practicing, you need to have the same or equally great material to use so that you are well aware of the features and functions.

One of these pieces of hardware includes the type of mouse you use for gaming. The mouse will make or break your game, so you must use one of the best products available in the market. One such product includes the Corsair CH-9301011-NA Gaming Harpoon RGB Gaming Mouse, which is a great mouse to use when you are getting ready to beat your arch rival or getting ready for the competition of a lifetime.

Design and Features

The mouse is known for its simple yet fantastic design as it can easily be used by people who are either left-handed or right-handed or have a big palm or a small one. The best part about the mouse is that it comes in black color, which enhances its looks. It also has a 6000 DPI optical sensor, which means that the mouse will give you superb performance regarding the accuracy of clicks and the speed at which you can maneuver the mouse to different places in the game. One of the best features about this mouse is that its sides are made from rubber which allows its users to grip it firmly, hence enabling precision of movements during the game.

The mouse comes with six different buttons that you can use to operate and customize the configurations. The mouse also has a built-in memory that allows you to store your settings.

Performance and Quality

It is made from the best quality material available, which makes it highly robust and stable. In turn, the mouse can be used for an extended period, even when you handle it roughly, which is easy to do since when you are immersed in a game, you tend to lose focus of everything else and your movements become stronger. Gamers find the accuracy and speed of the mouse to be of top quality, which means that the mouse is great to use whether you are playing computer games at home, online, or in a competition. Concluding the Corsair CH-9301011-NA Gaming Harpoon RGB Gaming Mouse review, the grip and making of the mouse are also considered to be of excellent quality and offer a gamer reliable and remarkable performance.


  • Comes with a highly accurate 6000 DPI optical sensor
  • Can easily fit any palm size or type
  • Rubber sides provide a firm grip on the mouse
  • Six buttons included, allowing for macro programming
  • Can store data into its memory bank


  • The mouse is a heavy-duty piece of equipment and some beginners might find it a little difficult to get the hang of it
  • The cable of the mouse can prove to be a bit restrictive



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