How to Boil Water. The Debate About Teakettles

After decades of being rated second in the hot drink department, tea is becoming popular again. The healthful properties of tea and the availability of more flavors and types of tea have worked together to increase its market share over the past few years. With this resurgence, the debate about the process of making tea has also gained in popularity. Questions like “Should the water be heated on the stove or in an electric teakettle?” and “Is it okay to use a microwave to heat tea water?” have found a place next to the debate about whether coffee beans should be ground by the pound or by the pot. So, what is the better way to heat water? As with most questions of taste, the answer lies more in the personal preferences of the tea drinker than in the method.

The Stovetop Kettle

For the traditionalist, there is no better way to heat water for tea than the kettle on the stovetop. The most popular style for the stovetop is the stainless steel model. Easy to clean, attractive, and efficient, these kettles have been known to have a permanent place on the back burner in many kitchens. Several well-known makers of kitchen tools, such as Farberware, Cuisinart, Kitchenaid, and Revere offer stainless steel kettles, all of which perform the basic function very well. Several stovetop models will announce when the water is boiling by giving off a hearty and easily heard whistle. For some, this is necessary feature while for others it is just an annoyance. Be sure you know which you are before making a selection.

Stainless steel kettles whether whistling or silent, average about $40 however, you can spend quite a bit more. Chantal’s stovetop kettles are more design oriented and run $90 to $120.

If you would like to stick with the stovetop but do not want to run the risk of a metallic taste in your water, glass is a good alternative. Alasdair and Adagio Teas make beautiful, simple glass stovetop kettles that are easily filled and cleaned. Medelco makes an inexpensive 12-cup whistling style that has a shape reminiscent of high-school chemistry class, but it is efficient and functional. It is important to note that glass kettles do not boil water as quickly as stainless steel. Additionally, you will probably need to use a potholder to pour as the handles do heat up. Glass kettles prices are similar to those made of stainless steel.

Electric Kettles

The electric kettle has been the preferred method of boiling water in Europe for years and is now catching on in America. The average boiling time for electric kettles is four minutes, half the time of the stovetop kettles, and they do not heat up the kitchen. With the reports on the health hazards connected to bisphenol A (BPA), it is important to avoid kettles with plastic parts that come in contact with the heating water. There are a number of stainless steel models that are affordable and functional such as those made by Breville, Bodum, and Chef’s Choice. Adagio Tea offers an exceptional kettle that has a temperature control, which is great for green tea drinkers. Green tea should be steeped in heated not boiled water, as black tea requires. Expect to spend about $50 for 1¾-quart capacity kettle from these manufacturers.

If you are looking for the efficiency of electric coupled with the beauty of glass, Capresso, Toastess, and Chef’s Choice make glass electric water kettles that run about $60.00.

Where to Shop Online

There are dozens of sites online devoted to cooks tools, tea and coffee, small kitchen appliances. Of the sites offering the most choices are

How to Make Steamed Rice

If you want to make perfect rice, you should definitely get a rice cooker. You can get a small one very inexpensively, but a big one is great, too. I have three rice cookers, and I use at least one every night for dinner. You can cook so many things besides rice in a rice cooker. Once you experience the ease of cooking in a rice cooker, you will be hooked!
Most Oriental restaurants and even Oriental homes have a rice cooker on most of the time with hot rice at their disposal. Rice cooker cooking is becoming somewhat of a fad, with a cult folowing. See my website for other rice cooker recipes.

I no longer buy the expensive instant rices. I use the store brand, medium grain rice, and it is delicious. I save a lot of money by flavoring my own rice. Most Hispanic cooks use a large bullion cube to flavor their rice. Knor brand is great. It is available in the Hispanic section of the grocery store. I put it in with the water.

I will give the amounts for a small rice cooker and a large rice cooker.

Rice: 1 cup, 2 cups

2 cups, 4 cups

Oil : A few tablespoons to cover the rice cooker pan

Add seasonings after it is cooked.

Place oil in pan. Roll it around to cover the sides a little. Place water and rice in the pot. Cover and turn rice cooker on high. It usually just takes one cycle to cook the rice. A rice cooker cooks by cooking on high and then reverting to sim.

I do not add any other foods to the rice until it is cooked. The exception to this is when I use a boxed meal with rice in it.

I often cook my chicken tenderloins on the rack above the rice while it cooks. It cooks very quickly that way. I use the small breast tenderloins because they cook more thoroughly than a large frozen breast.

Best Gaming Mouse 2017

On the 4th of May 2017 I will be doing this fantastic article on my search for the best gaming mouse of 2017. I have tried a lot of gaming mice and always come the conclusion that they lack some features or they are simply built with sub-par quality and end up breaking or having issues in the near future. For a list to find the best gaming mouse 2017 check here.

In my opinion the best gaming mouse is the: Corsair CH-9301011-NA Gaming Harpoon RGB

You simply cannot win a professional computer gaming competition with just your skills. You need to have the right equipment as well to ensure that you play your best during a contest. When you are practicing, you need to have the same or equally great material to use so that you are well aware of the features and functions.

One of these pieces of hardware includes the type of mouse you use for gaming. The mouse will make or break your game, so you must use one of the best products available in the market. One such product includes the Corsair CH-9301011-NA Gaming Harpoon RGB Gaming Mouse, which is a great mouse to use when you are getting ready to beat your arch rival or getting ready for the competition of a lifetime.

Design and Features

The mouse is known for its simple yet fantastic design as it can easily be used by people who are either left-handed or right-handed or have a big palm or a small one. The best part about the mouse is that it comes in black color, which enhances its looks. It also has a 6000 DPI optical sensor, which means that the mouse will give you superb performance regarding the accuracy of clicks and the speed at which you can maneuver the mouse to different places in the game. One of the best features about this mouse is that its sides are made from rubber which allows its users to grip it firmly, hence enabling precision of movements during the game.

The mouse comes with six different buttons that you can use to operate and customize the configurations. The mouse also has a built-in memory that allows you to store your settings.

Performance and Quality

It is made from the best quality material available, which makes it highly robust and stable. In turn, the mouse can be used for an extended period, even when you handle it roughly, which is easy to do since when you are immersed in a game, you tend to lose focus of everything else and your movements become stronger. Gamers find the accuracy and speed of the mouse to be of top quality, which means that the mouse is great to use whether you are playing computer games at home, online, or in a competition. Concluding the Corsair CH-9301011-NA Gaming Harpoon RGB Gaming Mouse review, the grip and making of the mouse are also considered to be of excellent quality and offer a gamer reliable and remarkable performance.


  • Comes with a highly accurate 6000 DPI optical sensor
  • Can easily fit any palm size or type
  • Rubber sides provide a firm grip on the mouse
  • Six buttons included, allowing for macro programming
  • Can store data into its memory bank


  • The mouse is a heavy-duty piece of equipment and some beginners might find it a little difficult to get the hang of it
  • The cable of the mouse can prove to be a bit restrictive



Explore The Models of Espresso Maker

Espresso machines were first originated in Italy and it was actually produced by the large machine run by a person called Barista. But, with the advancement in technology home and office use espresso maker is also invented that can produce quality espresso at your home and office. These espresso makers are available in a variety of styles with high end features to enhance the taste of your espresso drinks. But, before you buy any marker for you home and office use, you must know the different models available in the market today.

Different Models of Espresso Maker

  • Pump Driven – Although there are different models available in the market, but the most popular and widely preferred model is the pump driven Espresso Maker. This model is designed with diverse chambers for steaming and heating the beans to prepare delicious and tasty espresso drinks. It comes with built-in pump that powers the espresso machine for grinding and preparing the drink.
  • Automatic Espresso Marker – As the name suggest, the automatic Espresso Marker is design to prepare the espresso beverage automatically. The machine is programmed with timer that allows you to choose the time for preparing the drink. It grinds the beans, prepare and place them into the machine. It supplies the required temperature for preparation and provide sufficient amount of hot water for perfect cup of espresso. This automatic maker is widely preferred because every process of espresso preparation is done automatically, from grinding to preparing and placing the bean with plenty of water. The operator needs to put the coffee beans into the machine to get the espresso prepared in matter of minutes.

These were the different models of Espresso Maker in which you may invest. But, to retain the authenticity and quality of the espresso prefer buying the pump drive instead of automatic version.

Whats It Like Going To Zimbabwe?

You must be somewhat fit and healthy to go to Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is a great location for tourism. It offers a variety and diversity of attractions. Air Zimbabwe operates international in addition to domestic flights in the nation. Harare has a lot of world-class gold courses if you’re into this sport.

The nation is teeming with a few of the very best wildlife that roams the huge tracts of landin Africa. The many means to reach this nation is by air and land. We’ve been in the business for nearly 30 decades and understand the way the full picture fits together.

Do your homework about what is available. One other important visa information is that the price of the visa would be contingent on the sort you require. This list isn’t exhaustive and not having an airline from this list doesn’t necessarily signify that it’s unsafe. It really is renowned for having the greatest number of largest-tusked elephants. There are a lot of private hospitals in the key cities that are quite accessible.

The game reserves are a few of the very best in Africa. The reserve provides a true bush feel and wonderful game viewing, particularly in the dry season. Many reserves and parks have never been in a position to support the quantity of game in their grounds, and there’s an abundance of environmental issues to tackle.

Seek up-to-date regional advice about any places which you plan to go to. It is just as critical to recognize places you see. This is where to go if you want to rest and relax. It is surely among the most special places on the planet.” This is one of the driest places on earth, where rain may not fall for at least five years in a row. So so as to make sure that you utilize your time effectively and take pleasure in your journey at a place you’re travelling it will be quite helpful to have a whole guide handy with you. With Zimbabwe’s tourism industry rapidly rising, it’s the ideal time to pay a visit to this wonderful country.

If you decide to go to during the summertime, make certain you carry a lot of water and safeguard your skin from the burning sun. With these practical security ideas you can rest assured your visit to Zimbabwe will be quite a pleasant and culturally-enriching experience. Though a visit to this country might be intimidating, thinking about the mass land reforms that happened at the start of the 2000’s, it really is a really wonderful spot for tourism. A visit to Aswan can’t be complete without a trip to the Elephantine Island. People have started to understand that it’s not an unsafe destination. You ought to be particularly vigilant when utilizing these routes.

Travelers ought to take care with their private security and safety a money belt is essential. The hotels wouldn’t accept neighborhood currency, even when you can offer proof of having obtained the neighborhood currency during the appropriate channels. It was when the centre of a huge empire called the Munhumutapa Empire.